What is P-Track Satellite Viewer?

P-Track displays near real-time Satellite position, track, health, and coverage information on a 3-D interactive globe on your iPhone or iPad for free.Full Retina display is supported! You can zoom and rotate the globe to view all available Satellites.

The App allows you to see ground tracks as well as coverage footprints for a selected satellite. The App also displays a SkyView Plot of all satellites in view of your iPhone - it displays Azimuth and Elevation angles of each Satellite your phone can see. You can even view the Ephemeris, current Cartesian XYZ coordinates (Earth Centered Earth Fixed (ECEF) and Earth Centered Inertial(ECI)), and Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude of any chosen satellite.

P-Track also shows you the near real-time location and ground track of the International Space Station (ISS) and the latest NASA Two-Line Ephemeris used to calculate it's orbit. You also are able to view the current ISS velocity and the next time the ISS will be viewable over your location.

This App shows the current location, velocity, and a SkyView Plot of all 3 Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) GEO Satellites - CRW-135 (Intelsat Galaxy 15), CRE-138 (ANIK F1-R), AMR-133 (INMARSAT 4F-3), as well as all GLONASS Operational Satellites currently in orbit.

P-Track displays an up-to-date listing of NANUs (Notice Advisory to NavStar Users). NANUs include maintenance outages, maneuvers, and general GPS system status information.

Another feature of P-Track is a plot showing the current Ionospheric Activity. The data shown in this plot represents the VTEC (Vertical Total Electron Content) in units of TECU (10^16 electrons/m^2). Ionospheric delay can have a large impact on Satellite signal quality. The data shown here is provided by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration using a Kalman filter data assimilation model with a large network of ground-based dual frequency receivers. The latency in the data shown in this plot is 15 minutes.

Many new features to come - I hope you enjoy this App! d

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